As a full-service Michigan Cannabis Processor, we’ll take you from Raw to Retail.
extraction & distillation
We can produce the finest extracts, CO2 Full Spectrum Oil, and Distillate to be used in bulk or turned into retail-ready products such as THCa Diamonds, Live Resin, Badder, Distillate Cartridges, Live Resin Cartridges, and much more.
Between all our machines we have the current capability to extract over 8 million grams of biomass, and we are in the works of upgrading to keep up with the increasing demand of our clients.
automated bulk EDIBLES
We have fully automated chocolate and gummy production lines to handle the crafting of the delectable morsels and the final packaging.
Our chocolate line can produce over 100,000 THC chocolate bars per month and our gummy line can produce over 1.5 million THC gummies per month.
Retail-ready white label
Need to create products ready for the shelves? We can handle almost any product from cartridges and extracts, to chocolate bars and gummies.
You can provide your own packaging or we can assist to design and supply jars, carts, boxes, bags, and more. Our team will work with you to establish the product formulas, strain options, and we’ll handle all of the production, packaging, and distribution. 
final product packing
Our team utilizes machines and hands to carefully package your product into its final retail-ready packaging. Our pouch filling machine can fill up to 60,000 bags per day with precision and we can wrap up to 40,000 chocolate bars per day.
Need cartridges filled? We can handle up to 36,000 per day.